Department of English(KTU)

All courses in undergraduate and post graduate programs of TU (KSE) except Myanmar is in English. English is compulsory for undergraduate students. English Department also invites and works together with external organizations for training and development of students’ and staffs’ English skill. By learning English students are able

► To acquire knowledge of engineering terminology
► To understand the meaning of technical terms
► To enable the students for the use of grammar correctly
► To enhance competencies in writing essays
► To develop interest in reading English passages
► To keep in touch with how to learn IELTS, and
► To develop presentation skill


► To develop students’ ability to think analytically, speculatively and, imaginatively to deal with complex problems and excellent communication skills to express their ideas and others
► To nurture good engineers who can challenge knowledge boundaries through English to adapt the changing global society


► To offer the students the best preparation possible to ensure their success in future careers in English
► To develop and enhance students’ ability to communicate in English while encouraging students to view themselves as engaged, creative and relevant procedures of knowledge
► To develop background in English that fosters intellectual skills and humanistic understanding
► To enhance students’ ability to employ engineering English in their technical and engineering circumstances
► To prepare students to make positive contributions to their professional disciplines and to enable them to function in and contribute to the local society

Program Objective

1. Students will have a balance on both receptive and productive skills
2. Students will have a good command of scientific and technical writing which is useful to engineering institutions
3. Students will be good at social relationship using this language
4. Students will be equipped with presentation skills
5. Students will get ready to do their researches for their society


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