Department of Bio Technology(KTU)

Bio Technology in Kyaukse Technological University offers Bachelor of Engineering Degree for Bio Technology.

Department of Biotechnology was established under Kyaukse Technological University in 2003 to serve two major functions: teaching and research. From the beginning of year 2003, the candidates who passed the Matriculation Exam were trained as undergraduate students of Biotechnology. Bachelor of Applied Science which offered is designed and controlled by the graduate steering committee of Kyaukse Technological University. The qualified students were got the opportunity to attend Master Course.


► To produce competent biotechnologists who are able to apply the acquired professional and communication skills and ethical attitude in industry, consulting, teaching, research, and development


► To become qualified biotechnologists with potential to innovate in related research areas and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of society and environment

► To impart quality education for lifelong professional growth and opportunity in a wide range of careers

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Applied Science, B.S (Biotechnology)

Program Objective

PEO1. To understand and apply the concepts of Biotechnology and allied field and other related aspects of science and technology
PEO2. To identify, analyze and solve the problems with novelty and updated knowledge in product/process/techniques development to meet the societal demands
PEO3. To apply the acquired professional and communication skills and ethical attitude (with awareness of current issues in relation to safety, health and environment) in industry, consulting, teaching, research and development

Program Outcome

♦ PO1. to acquire and apply knowledge relevant to biotechnology ( Apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering concepts to solve problems pertinent to Biotechnology)
♦ PO2. to identify and analyse complex societal and environmental problems using basic principles of natural sciences and engineering sciences
♦ PO3. to show originality and innovation in designing experiments, ability to think critically to analyze results and discussions of the experimental outcomes in detail.
♦ PO4. to analyze, synthesize, integrate knowledge and information to provide solutions in addressing challenges and concerns, appropriate to Biotechnology.
♦ PO5. to select and apply appropriate tools and techniques in Biotechnology
♦ PO6. to access societal, health, safety and legal issues and understand the responsibilities in Biotechnological Practices.
♦ PO7. to solve the environmental impact of professional solution and societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development.
♦ PO8. to apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities of Biotechnological Practices.
♦ PO9. To adopt, grasp, and absorb knowledge across disciplines and ability to integrate within research areas of Biotechnology.
♦ PO10. to deliver responsibilities and demonstrate good interpersonal skills in a team.
♦ PO11. to realize the significance of life – long learning by evincing interest in specialized areas of Biotechnology.
♦ PO12. to explore business opportunity pertaining to the field of biotechnology.

Research Area

Waste Water Treatment
Plant Growth Promoting

Laboratories and other facilities

Laboratories and particles are important part of the engineering curriculums. Department of Bio Technology has three Laboratories:
Molecular Lab
Microbiology Lab
Plant Tissue Culture Lab


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